Trip to Ancient Mayan Pyramids in Yucatan Peninsula 12/21/2012

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#throwbackthursday! Here’s one from back in my traveling #gypsy days. 📷 This snapshot is of me sitting on one of the pyramids at Chichén-Itzá an ancient city in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico on 12/21/12 🏞I had been traveling all year hitchhiking throughout the United States and I wanted to go meet up with some friends who had been traveling in South America. There was a sort of myth floating around in the hippie world at the time that something significant would happen on that date, so what better a time to visit the Mayan ruins with close friends. So some friends in Philly let me crash there and make a bunch of #batik tapestries, something I used to make and sell a lot of back in the day before they starting printing them for super cheap. Swipe to see photos of some of my huge art pieces that I immediately sold on #Etsy which funded my trip. I took my first airplane ride ever alone and without my glasses which i lost. I arrived in Mexico to realize I didn’t remember Spanish as well as I thought! Still I found my way by hitchhiking to the World Rainbow Gathering happening nearby in a tropical paradise. On the night before 12/21/12, there was a drum circle where we all watched a huge blue comet soar across the sky that you could hear! That night a huge rainstorm came out of nowhere that flooded everything, washing away people’s tents and hammocks, passports and entire belongings. I had been up all night clinging to mine, ready to survive. Dawn came and we trudged through thick mud for miles to catch a ride in the back of truck to town an hour away, which was barricaded by a #zapatistas a rebel army. Made it through by foot and got to these temples!! You may see the worn out look in my face haha! It was a nice overcast day of exploring these ancient ruins and pyramids. Back then I only had a flip phone for photos which was dead most of the time because I was always camping ⛺️ The ancient city is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Walking around it had a very dark and mysterious vibe. There is a sinkhole where they would sacrifice humans to the rain gods. There was a ball court where they would decapitate humans, and motifs of eagles eating human hearts.

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