Trip to Taos, New Mexico / Taos Pueblo / Sweat Lodge / VW Van Trip Across US 2012

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I’ve been excited to share this week’s #throwbackthursday story from my traveling gypsy days!🚌☮️ If you’re a new follower, I used to travel around the country by selling my jewelry out of a suitcase that I hitchhiked with!👍🏼 🧳 This photo is of me at age 21 at the Rio Grande in Taos, New Mexico🌵☀️ I had started the summer hitchhiking down the east coast and caught a ride with some dreadlocked hippies in a Volkswagen van across the country from North Carolina to New Mexico🚎 We attended the Tribal Vision festival near #Taos Pueblo🏜 It was a very small and unique festival, I got in free by exchanging a musical performance on my drone flute at the meditation Mandala 🍄 @paulstamets did a presentation on mycology, and there was a huge organic garden for everyone to eat freely from.🌱The Native Americans at the nearby #taospueblo offered a sweat lodge ceremony for the festival, so I attended. It was a hardcore spiritual experience, I had done them before but not in the desert without a river for relief! 🌊 I thought I would die but eventually joined the chanting and drumming and entered another dimension (without drugs). I did the full four sessions with no break and came out feeling cleansed and elevated🏕 After that I went and stayed at the Hanuman Temple in Taos for some more spiritual enrichment. I did garden and kitchen work in exchange for lodging, delicious organic meals, spiritual teachings and lots of meditation time🧘🏼‍♀️That place was so beautiful and serene, with kind folks, high vibes, colorful flowers, cool architecture and peacocks free to roam 🦚 I moved on to stay at and explore a couple “earth homes”, sustainable houses made of recycled tires, glass bottles, adobe, solar panels, geothermal heating, etc - such interesting and smart homes. I spent my last day in Taos going to the #RioGrande in this photo, hiking down the mountain and soaking in a hot mineral spring by the river with friends, so relaxing. 🏔 From there we all said farewell and went our separate ways. I walked off alone into the desert 🏜 I hitchhiked the vast emptiness through NM, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada to get to @burningman 🔥 I didn’t have a ticket but was gifted one! ☝️

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