Van Life / Trip Across United States / Montana Fishing Summer 2013

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#throwbackthursday! This week I have a new story for you from my #gypsylife ! 🎻 πŸ‘£ πŸ“Έ This snapshot was taken at #multnomahfalls Oregon in 2013. I started off that summer by buying a van for $600, converting it to live in and then driving it solo across the country to California. 🚌 I sold my jewelry at gas stations all along the way and made it clear across the country on that and of course the help of many kind strangers n a week πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’— 🚌 My plan was to spend the summer helping build a sustainable community near #whiskeytownlake by making organic permaculture gardens. πŸ₯¬ I did a ton of work there but, as hippies can be, the landowner decided to shut down the project to attend the National Rainbow Gathering in Montana. I hadn’t planned on going that summer but seemed nudged in that direction so again I embarked, driving my van solo. It was pure bliss listening to bluegrass on the radio, driving through Humboldt County along the coast up to Oregon where I picked up a kind hitchhiking fella who was good company for a bit. I remember how luscious the Oregon coast was, thick walls of misty green vegetation towering over on both sides with Jurassic sized ferns and redwood trees. Truly mystical. Anyhow I have a lot more stories from that summer but they don’t all fit here! I drove through Washington state and Idaho where I stopped to soak in their famed hot springs and picked mushrooms πŸ„ Swipe to see photos. I attended the #rainbowgathering in Montana and had a great time mostly in trade circle trading art for furs, crystals, and other curiosities. I always enjoyed the huge dinner circle which included a collective prayer for peace followed by organic food and and then wild drum circles where I would play my flute. I spent the rest of that summer in Montana swimming in rivers and lakes, and fishing, soo much fishing! Nothing fancy just fly fishin on the shore for dinner πŸ₯˜ Towards the end of August I went to do some #rockhounding and mine Fluorite crystals at #snowbirdmine back in Idaho, swipe to see photos of me mining in the caves, and the wire wrapped jewelry I made with the crystals. I absolutely love the experience of mining my own crystals for jewelry.

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